raccoon infraredInfrared (Thermal Imaging) and Raccoons:
Thermal imaging is a cutting edge approach to wild animal removal.  Advanced Wildlife Control uses thermal imaging to help us locate where raccoons have entered your home.  Thermal imaging measures the temperature of the critter and helps us locate all types of animals in the attic by locating their heat signatures.  The heat signature of the raccoons shows us exactly where they are nesting and allows us to go in and catch them.  Infrared is new to wildlife control technicians and is considered to be cutting edge in our field.  Our infrared cameras allow us to take photos to show our customers just how valuable these units can be.  If a raccoon or some other critter is loose in your basement, it is easier for us to locate where they are hiding and removing the raccoon on the same day we visit!  If you have a raccoon loose in your attic or basement call Advanced Wildlife Control today and let them know you want us to remove your raccoons!

What is Thermal Imaging?
Thermal imaging is a device that scans areas for body temperatures.  If the weather is extremely warm or cold it allows us to easily pick up the heat signature of the raccoons.  The thermal imaging unit can easily see through insulation in attics where raccoons tend to nest.  Thermal imaging can also help us identify where heat is escaping from your home.  A quick scan of the roof top can show us where the animals have entered or where smaller rodents can gain access.

Thermal imaging can also be beneficial in locating moisture.  Often when raccoons break into your attics moisture is allowed into the home.  The infrared unit can determine where the moisture is and help locate where the moisture is coming from.