The first worry that all of our customers usually have! – Do my raccoons carry the Rabies virus? Unfortunately, we cannot tell by just looking at the animal, however we don’t come across many raccoons in Milwaukee, WI that are carriers of this virus. We do see raccoons with distemper and must put those animals to sleep immediately upon their removal from your homes/yards.

Raccoon feces found in attic

Raccoon feces found in attic

Although raccoon rabies isn’t a huge concern but they do carry a multitude of other concerning diseases that make removal and cleanup an important part of our job. Raccoon Roundworm which is carried in the feces of raccoons can be contacted by simply breathing in the spores that are located on the waste!

Raccoon distemper can spread to your pets and we strongly recommend that your pets have the necessary boosters to avoid this deadly disease.

Also, raccoons can carry fleas and other insects on their bodies. They may leave them in your attic as well. Our technicians are all licensed in pest control and can treat your attics with a spray to insure that once the raccoons are removed their insect remnants aren’t left behind.

Advanced Wildlife Control treats all raccoon feces as a hazardous waste and will use proper hazmat materials to deal with the left over waste in your homes.