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raccoon in cage near deckRaccoons living under your deck: Female raccoons are constantly looking for dry areas that are safe and secure to have their litter of babies.  The male attempts to kill the babies in order to get the female back into heat.  One of the most common areas to have a family of raccoons born is under your deck.  The female raccoon will dig frantically underneath the wood and create an entry point underneath the deck.  Often times, she finds the darkest area and digs a small hole there to give birth to her pups.  Raccoons living under your deck will create piles of feces and urine which can draw in rodents and insects around the home.  The feces can pose health risks to you and your family.  We advise removing the family of raccoons and having one of our technicians perform what is known as our deck trenching service, to stop re-entry under your deck.  Our deck trenches are performed with stainless steel and go down a foot and out a foot, depending on soil conditions.  This process helps to keep raccoons from getting underneath your deck and repeating the process.

Raccoons in your shed: Advanced Wildlife Control customers often have raccoons rip holes in small sheds that are a few feet from your home.  These areas provide raccoons a perfect home.  Sometimes this goes unnoticed and the raccoons will create a huge mess from feces and urine defecation.  If the damages are extensively it might be a good idea to check your homeowners insurance to see if raccoon damage to your shed is covered.  We live trap and relocate raccoons that live in and around your shed.  We can use infrared imaging to check and see if a raccoon is living in the shed and sometimes remove the raccoon during our initial visit.

Raccoons in your yard: Some raccoons feed in the same areas day after day and thus can become a nuisance animal for owners during summer.  Raccoons will often lay piles of droppings on decks, in sand boxes, window wells and other areas that children sometimes will play.  Kids that put their fingers in their mouths can accidentally ingest raccoon feces which can be life threatening.  Should a raccoon become a nuisance animal in your yard  – Call Advanced Wildlife Control to insure that animals are removed and the fecal material is sanitized and removed!

Raccoons in your basement: Every once in awhile we get a call from a frantic customer telling us that raccoons are running loose in the basement.  This usually happens when a raccoon comes down your chimney and enters from the ash box door or chimney.  In these situations the female raccoon may react aggressively to anyone they come in contact with. We advise to call 262-242-4390 and have a technician from Advanced Wildlife Control out to remove the raccoon and cap the chimney as soon as possible.  Advanced Wildlife Control provides emergency service for any animals that are running loose in the basement.