Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. technicians are trained to catch and remove your nuisance wildlife plus they will also seal and patch the entry points.  Raccoons are exceptionally strong animals and they will use their hands, allowing them to access many points of entry on your home.  In most cases we must use a heavy duty stainless steel wiring to insure that other raccoons can’t break into your home.  This screening has been tested against raccoon entry attempts and has held up every time!

Raccoons can enter and do significant damage to areas of your home.  In some cases a roofer might be needed to patch an entry point.  We have a few great companies that we recommend for those services.  Raccoons will also enter from soffit areas and we have a handy-man on staff that can help replace those areas that have been damaged by the raccoons.

No matter what type of damage has occurred to your home, whether it’s a cleanup or prevention  – Call Advanced Wildlife Control for all of your raccoon needs!

raccoons in a truck