Are raccoons considered to be dangerous?
All animals are unpredictable!  Although raccoon attacks on humans are extremely rare it is not wise to corner a raccoon.  Female raccoons with a litter are the most aggressive raccoon and also should be given plenty of space if encountered.

What makes your company different than any of the others we can choose from?
Advanced Wildlife Control’s founder Paul Winkelmann is one of the original animal removal contractors in southeastern Wisconsin.  He has been in business for over 27 years and been handling wildlife for most of his life.  He has trained his son who has been around since the start of Advanced Wildlife Control and personally trained all technicians that work for the company to deal with any difficult situations.  We remove the entire family of raccoons and are willing to crawl into the tight spaces that other companies are not.   On a business level Advanced Wildlife Control has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 7 straight years and never received a grade below an A!!!

Do raccoons carry the rabies virus?
Yes, raccoons can carry the rabies virus however it is very rare that a raccoon is diagnosed with rabies.  Raccoons that may have the rabies virus are considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached without proper attire.  A raccoon with rabies would exhibit symptoms including staggering, foaming of the mouth, appearance during the day for long periods of time, and paralysis of one or both of the back legs.

What should I do if I find a baby raccoon?
An orphaned baby raccoon is usually very rare.  Often leaving the raccoon baby alone will allow time for the mother to find the wayward baby and bring it back to the nest.  If the raccoon is still visible after 24 hours you can call Advance Wildlife Control Inc. (262-242-4390) to remove the raccoon for a small fee and find a new mother to take care of it.

How many baby raccoons does a mother have and at what time of year?
Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. feels that 4 baby raccoons is the average liter size.  The largest litter of raccoons we have ever had was 9 babies.  Raccoon mate during late January and early February and the babies are usually born in March and April.

What if I find an injured raccoon?
Although you may be trying to do the right thing by nursing the raccoon back to health, but they are very aggressive when they are in distress.  Please call Advanced Wildlife Control to come and remove any raccoons that are in or around your home.

Are raccoon feces dangerous?
Advanced Wildlife Control treats all raccoon feces as a hazardous waste and will use proper hazmat materials to deal with the left over waste in your homes.  Raccoon feces are considered to be very dangerous and shouldn’t be handled without the proper protection.   You should be especially careful with small children who play in the yard, because ingesting raccoon feces can lead to death!

Do adult raccoons and baby raccoons make any noises?
Baby raccoons become extremely noisy when mom goes out hunting for food.  They can wake up everyone in your home with their constant squeaking.  To make matters worse, the mother raccoon will also communicate with them to add more noise in your home!  A raccoon that is walking in your attic may sound as loud as a young child would be moving in your attic space.

Have you ever been bitten by a raccoon?
Some of our technicians have been bitten by a raccoon they were immediately treated and given the “series 7” of shots to insure that they wouldn’t receive the rabies virus from the raccoons.

What if I am bitten by a wild raccoon?
You should contact your doctor immediately! You can either have the animal tested and euthanized or start the rabies shots, because you can die from the rabies virus!